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Care Agency LondonAre you a caregiver for anyone in your family?

Some families deal with members who cannot properly care for themselves.  You may have a child with developmental issues. You may have a mother who is ageing and does not have the intellectual or physical facilities to be on her own. Or you may have somebody who has been in the hospital, is discharged, but still has to recuperate sufficiently to be up and about.

Being the primary caregiver of someone you love can have many inherent emotional rewards.  However, it is also an exhausting role to play – both physically and emotionally.

Care agencies in London offer respite care.  They provide short-term help so that you can take a break from your role as care giver.

There are several options open to you.  Depending on the type of respite care you want, you can get a break of some hours, or several days, or even a much longer period of time.

You can go for in-home respite care.  A professional care giver comes to your home and assumes your duties as primary care giver for a while so you can get a well-deserved break.

In case something important comes up and you need to attend to it immediately, you may need somebody to take care of your patient for the while. You may choose to have emergency respite. There are many care agencies which provide such assistance even at short notice. They go by different names – home-care facilities, adult day-care, health centres and others.  If you need assistance for more than a day, you may approach a residential care centre which provides extended respite care.

If your patient requires some form of specialized care, you may opt for respite care provided by a specialized facility.  This type of care centre is equipped with or has easy access to emergency and/or highly specialized professional help if warranted.